ʹ仺Ź :(  

׹ѹ 1 á

礡仺ԹŹ reporting ͹§׹
Ѵͧ Һ稡ѧ˹
sms ҡѷѡ

dear crew, please be advised you have roster changes...

ҧѧóǧ պ⨹
ѷ standby ᷹ memo ͷͧҡ
¹ͧԹ١ F1 Թҵ֧ͧ͡
:( :(
ص鹨ŷҡ ˹ҵԡ˭ԧǴ
ѹø᷹觡ա ͡ ǹ 
繤餹 ҷѧ ͧ令

ҡҡҨ˵ؼҧ ô
դѺ պ§ my name is kansiree staff no. 303xx
Թ§ҧ͡ Դٵҧ
ͷ§ҹѺ 'oh yes kansiree.. your roster has been changed'
դ 蹤˵ؼŷ Һ૷ѡ͡
'becos the aircraft is changed so there is one extra F1 crew 
and u r the most junior F1 in the flight'
ԧ ͹˹ҹҪ١ դ staff no 硡ա
'ohh yeh u r correct dear.. but the thing is she is spanish 
she's from there and we need language speaker'
ѭ§͡ ͡ ͺ駷йҧ˹¹֧
'u removed my requested flight and give me standby instead
if u gonna pull me out somewhere at least please pull me
to reasonable flight not some kind of double sector or 
anything like that'

Ыԡ Ыԡ ʹ仪ͻ

ʹ仺 Ź

ѧҡͿѹ ҹաͧѹ 

ʹ仺 Ź


ʹ仺 Ź

Ԩѹش (day time)

ʹ仺 Ź

Ԩѹش (night time)

͹Թ¨ ⴹŷ͡ա 


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Posted on Wed 3 Jul 2013 1:14





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